Mr. L.A. Vashishtha Advocate, Managing Partner

Professional Experience

With years of practice, Mr. Vashishtha is a seasoned practioners and an expert in Corporate, Property, real-estate and criminal law. Mr. Vashishtha has worked extensively on Immigration and Refugee law in India & Canada, and specializes in matters pertaining to Human Trafficking and Child Rights. Mr. Vashishtha represents various companies (Multinationals) before Courts / tribunals throughout India. Mr. Vashishtha is an expert in labour law and worked for the Ministry of Heavy Industries, Government of India. Mr. Vashishtha is an expert in negotiable instruments/ domestic violence/crime against women matters and civil litigation both original and appellate. Mr. L.A. Vashishtha is well known for his sincerity and resilience. His vast experience and expertise has proved to be invaluable for his clients. Mr. Vashishtha has attended conferences and seminars along with the officials from the United Nations etc.

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